Gold Jewelry Items You Would Love to Have Now

Gold Jewelry Items You Would Love to Have Now

According to popular belief, gold goes more for tanned skin and silver for pale skin. Yes and no. Here again, be careful not to restrict yourself, you must especially like the jewel. While it is true that gold has a more “bling bling” connotation, it all depends on how you wear it. Believe me, if your accessory is in bad taste, those around you will surely let you know. From Alexander Sparks  you can expect the finest solutions.

How to Recognize a Real Jewel in Gold or Silver?

In jewelry, there are many counterfeiters who offer pieces in supposedly “gold” or “silver”. How many have found themselves disappointed to see their superb “solid silver” ring start to rust in just a few weeks. If it is still difficult for a layman to distinguish the true from the false, here are some tips that you might find useful to avoid this kind of disappointment.

For Money

But what do we mean by solid silver?  It is in fact a material made of at least 80% pure silver. Another metal is often added to it, generally copper, in order to guarantee the solidity of the part, because the silver alone would be too flexible and would risk quickly deteriorating.

The most famous types of silver are 800 (depending on the proportion of silver contained, here 80%), 950 (95%) and, the most common, 925 silver (92.5%) or sterling silver. . Silver coins most often have a hallmark attesting to their authenticity (hidden in an invisible corner of the jewel such as the inside of a ring or the clasp of a bracelet or necklace).

Also note that for the same size, a silver piece of jewelry will be heavier than another alloy. Also beware of too shiny jewelry. Usually silver has a slightly dull gray appearance which over time will tend to darken and oxidize. That’s a pretty good sign.

Magnet for Money Test Demonstration

Indeed, and as for gold, it is not a magnetic metal. It is therefore not supposed to move. For the more suspicious, other checks can be made. Get a magnet and test it on your room. The silver should not move while other alloys composed mainly of iron or steel, for example, will immediately stick to it.

Wellendorff - Solitaire THANK YOU FOR.

You can also try the acid method. You have to rub the jewel with a so-called touchstone and then place a drop of an acid solution on it. If it turns grayish or white, it is indeed silver. If it darkens or takes on a greenish color, it is because it is a poor alloy. At the risk of seeing your pretty jewel become importable if it is damaged.

For Gold

Gold is a precious metal, the weight of which is defined by karats. A coin is considered to be gold if it has a weight equal to or greater than 10 carats (and up to 24, to the tune of 99.9% pure gold). The 18 carat is the best compromise. Again, it is very difficult to recognize a real gold jewel. But as with silver, genuine coins have a hallmark and, being non-magnetic will not be attracted if you stick it to a magnet. Likewise, real gold does not fade over time unlike plain gold plated.

Of course, and because we do not all have the paraphernalia of the perfect little chemist at home, favor safe purchases by going directly to real jewelry stores or from designers. You will know right away what you are buying, the percentage of gold, silver and other metals present in the composition of the alloy. And often, you will come out with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing you additional security.

Stone Or Not Stone?

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” sang Marilyn. Could it not be the same for men? So of course, you are not asked to bring you back tomorrow, river of diamonds hanging around your neck. However, a few precious or semi-precious stones can significantly increase the cachet of your jewelry. Native American (or authentic Native American) inspired jewelry can be perfect for anyone looking to mix originality and masculinity. There are four types of stones used in jewelry or jewelry.

Precious stones:  here we are talking about the rarest and purest minerals. These are diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald.

Fine stones:  these are all other less noble ornamental stones used in jewelry. Among the dozens of examples, we retain turquoise, malachite, tanzanite, melanite, microcline, morganite, tiger’s eye, olioclase, onyx, opal, agate or l ‘aquamarine.

Organic gems:  they are not strictly speaking minerals but resistant organic materials that can be used in the creation of jewelry. These include amber, coral, abalone, pearl or jet.

Given the profusion of existing stones, everyone will simply choose the stone they like the most. Some of them, like Labradorites, have the characteristic of slightly changing color after exposure to the sun. As explained above, some stones are also likely to bring good luck, protection or good health.

Story of Labradorites

Name derived from the Labrador region in Canada where missionaries who came to evangelize the Inuit first found it in the 18th century. Inuit legends would like this stone to be in fact an aurora borealis that would have frozen with the cold. Another version says that on the contrary, a warrior would have struck a huge Labradorites with his spear and that the northern lights escaped.

Where Is It Found?

There are deposits in the northern regions of Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, Ukraine but also some deposits in France.

Supposed Virtues?

It is credited with medicinal properties, particularly with regard to blood circulation and digestion problems. It would also have powers of purification and regeneration of the soul.

How Do I Wear It?

In order to have a really beautiful rendering and to underline all the personality of a real Labradorites, rather think of wearing it set on a fairly simple silver signet ring. In this way, it is put forward and an integral part of a very personal piece of jewelry that you could see yourself wearing every day.


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