Are You Looking for A Suitable Forklift Clamp for Your Application?

Are You Looking for A Suitable Forklift Clamp for Your Application?

By selecting the right type of equipment for any of your applications, you can always increase your productivity, reduce product damage, and also keep your operators safe. Often you may be trying to handle certain awkwardly shaped loads within your facility and end up wasting your time, energy, and money.

A carton clamp attachment available with Top Industries can be the perfect solution to move those big awkward loads.

For those who are handling any of the following, such clamps will be the perfect solution.

  • Bales
  • Rolls
  • Tires
  • Drums
  • Recycled material

These clamps are a quick, secure, and affordable approach to maintaining product flow throughout your plant.

If you have proper carton clamp attachment, moving domestic equipment like washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators, and televisions is really simple.

No matter where the inventory is picked up or placed, production facilities and logistics centres may manage it with ease by using carton clamps and other such clamp forklift attachments. These clamps were skilfully developed and constructed to prevent harm to your delicate items throughout the moving procedure.

How to use forklift clamps?

From cartons to any round loads, forklift attachments can enable operators to lift, carry, move, or push uniquely shaped goods and products safely. A forklift clamp can be an attachment that will be fastened to a forklift mast.

The kind of clamp you require will differ from business to business, so before making a purchase, make sure to speak with local specialists.

Different types of forklift clamps

Based on the material types, there are many different forklift clamp options that have been designed for different purposes.

A few most common forklift clamps that can be used by businesses include:

1. Fork clamps

This kind of clamp can be used for handling loads of awkward shapes such as tires. Fork clamps will make it safer and easier to move materials that can typically be difficult to manage.

2. Bale clamps

Any material that does not require pallets such as cotton, hay, or wool, can be handled using a bale clamp.

3.  Appliance/carton clamps

Often appliance or carton clamps can be used for handling packaged shipments containing wine, vegetables, or other pallet less materials. Such type of clamp is meant for moving these products safely.

4.  Paper roll clamps

They are an ideal solution for businesses that have to transport paper rolls. Because of its round shape with smooth design, it can always be easy for any paper roll to fall while transporting. Paper roll clamps can make sure that you can succeed in moving paper rolls much more easily.

5. Concrete block clamp

These clamps can be used for securely transporting concrete blocks or bricks without any damage or break of the product. Concrete block clamps are meant for softer elements so that they can offer to cushion for more protection.

It is helpful to know the type of forklift clamp that will work best for your company before making a purchase. Before making final purchase, you can accurately determine the type of clamp you require by consulting an expert.

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