How to Get What You Want From Online Dating

How to Get What You Want From Online Dating

There are literally thousands of people putting themselves out there in order to meet someone special and enter a serious relationship.

Apps like are there to supposedly support hopeless romantics on their journey to happy-ever-after but is there a price?

With COVID driving more people online, dating apps have become more popular than ever and unfortunately, that means that there are people out there just looking for hook-ups.

Which is fine – as long as they don’t pretend otherwise.

Users of dating apps who get intimately involved with potential partners a few dates in often report their disappointment when afterwards, they’re ghosted by a person they thought was interested in a relationship.

It’s a real problem but not an easy one to solve.

If you’re looking for a genuine, long-lasting relationship, how can you be sure your date is looking for the same thing?

They may put it on their profile, but people put all sorts of things on their profiles without any of it being actually true.

So how to sort the trash from the treasure?

Don’t assume anything

This sounds simple but many would-be daters assume a lot without realising it. Take chatting – you’re getting to know someone and you feel a connection so it stands to reason you’re excited for their next message right?

Don’t be.

Just because you feel excited, doesn’t automatically mean they do. They might be chatting to a tonne of other people or they might be very busy and just enjoying flirting.

Keep your investment light and the chances of you feeling hurt when you don’t get what you want are fewer.

Watch out for their intentions

You’ve had a nice date, the attraction is mutual. It stands to reason you’re both thinking of sex right?

Nope. Not everyone is comfortable getting intimate right away. If you’re not one of those people, then do not feel pressured into sex too soon.

Equally, if your date isn’t keen on intimacy right away, don’t see it as a brush-off. Many people like to really know someone well before they go there.

Be clear in your communication

Be honest. Don’t play games. If you’re afraid of getting hurt through revealing your feelings too soon, then don’t.

Just keep busy, enjoy dating and see what happens. But above all, be honest.

Honesty is the best policy right? Not if you’re Sean Rad it’s not!

Rad, one-time CEO of Tinder seems to be in hot water due to his dishonesty quite regularly!

The trouble seems to have begun way back when he and Justin Mateen along with Whitney Wolfe Herd were a dream team at Tinder, all calling one another friends as well as colleagues.

When Mateen and Wolfe Herd started dating, what could go wrong?

A lot apparently. Mateen got sour grapes when Wolfe Herd moved on and subjected her to gender based abuse both in and out of the office.

Rad did nothing to support her and as a result lost his position as CEO.

Later down the track he was caught out secretly recording Tinder employees in an attempt to catch them out so he could prove his point in a lawsuit against Barry Diller.

Will he ever learn? Probably not if this interview is anything to go by!


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