Book and Pre-Order Blackstone Griddles Exclusively On BBQs 2u

Book and Pre-Order Blackstone Griddles Exclusively On BBQs 2u

Outdoor cooking is a passion that everybody loves to follow and Blackstone completes this passion with their griddles and accessories. Their entry in Europe through BBQs 2u will fulfill the wish of grill enthusiasts who always wanted to cook outdoors together along with the entire family and group of friends. Blackstone promotes this joyful occasion by launching their 28-inch Griddle with a hood, which is like a bonus for UK cooks and chefs. 

The brand has partnered with professional chefs, backyard masters, and regular home cooks to create a product that lives up to the high standards of the users. BBQs 2u being the authorised dealer of Blackstone Griddles is the first to receive the stocks. Customers can make use of this offer and book a 28” Blackstone Griddle with a hood by making a pre-order through this link The stocks are expected to be available with the online store of BBQs 2u in Jan 2023 and maybe even before that. 

Once decided to use the Blackstone 28-inch griddle, users can get away from the charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, as well as the mess of a conventional grill. It meets the demands and standards of its clients. They can cook everything from hotdogs and smash burgers to hibachi stir fry and much more with the help of this propane-powered cooking partner, everything cooked to perfection on the 470 inches that is available for cooking.

Blackstone’s 28” Griddle became quite popular among users since it quickly prepares meals for the entire family. The two powerful burners can be independently controlled and produce high heat output. The griddle comes with a cold-rolled steel grilling surface at the top which not only has an exceptional finish but it works well to distribute and retain heat for a long period. 

The 28” griddle with hood allows users to cook all their favourite meals with ease, thanks to the 30,000 BTUs of scorching heat! Each of the two burners on the Blackstone griddle 28-inch can generate up to 15,000 BTUs of heat. The 20 lb. propane tanks that may be placed on a side hook power both barbecues.

The griddle is battery-operated and has push-button ignition for simple starting. Users need no propane torch or matches to fire the grill. They just need to press the button on the front.

Users can enhance their cooking skills with the full ability of two separate cooking zones. Additionally, the hood serves as a basting dome to help steam and evenly cook the food as well as a cover to shield the griddle from the outdoors.

The sturdy grill of the Blackstone 28” Griddle with hood is made of durable black powder steel. The two caster wheels and a holder on the other side provide exceptional movement and stability. The bottom tray and the grill top are and the legs can be folded in which allows users to fold the griddle and take it with them for camping or fishing spot.

BBQs 2u receiving the first stock of Blackstone Griddles is like a boon for the customers who completely rely on this family-owned business. Users know they are in safe hands if it’s BBQs 2u.

Eduardo Scott